Extension of Time to Respond

I received a Complaint for Divorce from my spouse. However, can I request a 90 day extension of time to respond. I want enough time to register for your online site and respond appropriately.

Secondly, when I do respond to the Complaint, since there was no mention of child custody, child support or alimony, do I need to include those items in the response to the complaint.

Lastly, what prompted our separation and this subsequent divorce is my husband had an affair during the marriage. Should this be included in my response.


What is your reason for seeking an extension? Absolute divorce is completely separate from child custody, child support, pss/alimony, and equitable distribution. They are each independent actions or lawsuits. Absolute divorce is simply the process that changes your status from married to single from a legal standpoint, it does not handle the other issues. That being said, if you have not either filed a lawsuit or settled your pss/alimony or ed issues before the divorce judgment is entered, those claims will be lost forever. You can submit an answer to the divorce complaint timely but also file for support and equitable distribution before the divorce judgement is signed by the judge in order to preserve those claims. If this is at all confusing or troublesome to you, I strongly suggest you schedule a consultation with a family law attorney in your area so you understand fully.

You would not need to allege the marital misconduct or discuss your custody/child support claims in your answer, again these are all completely separate lawsuits.