Absolute Divorce

Long story, but we may end up having to do our divorce ourselves. I saw all the forms that need to be filled out, but my question is: do I need to do anything before the one year separation date? i.e. when do I mail these forms in?

We have done a separation agreement. I saw the following on a website: [quote]The first way to obtain a North Carolina divorce is to establish a one year separation. A divorce in North Carolina is typically granted within about 60 days of the date of filing for the divorce.[/quote] Is this true? I thought the day we filed (the day after one year of separation) we are legally divorced, but I have to wait 60 days after that until I get the paper for it to be official?

Thanks in advance for your help.

There is an entire process involved in getting an absolute divorce and it begins with filing the Complaint at the clerks office. There is a video on the website which describes the process, also many counties have Do it Your Self packets with instructions on the process.