Legal separation & divorce questions

If I join the online divorce service are the forms set up so that I may add specific items that I need added to the legal separation form & divorce forms or are they standardized forms that do not allow me to add information??

It depends on what form you are talking about, but most forms allow you to input the information you need included; the forms have plenty of blank space for you to fill in necessary information.

I signed papers given to me by my soon to be x husbands attorney stating that we separated July 22nd 2014 and we can file for divorce on July 23rd 2015, can I obtain my own attorney to help be officially divorced on July 23rd 2015? We could both meet and sign the same day? We have agreed on everything we’ve split up, no kids are involved just a clean and fast break? How can I make this fast and make this go away?

You can hire an attorney to do your divorce, or you can do it yourself. We have a very helpful DIY Divorce eBook that is a step-by-step guide to how to get divorced in NC. Once you have been separated for one year and one day, you may move forward with your filing for absolute divorce.