So far, this legal battle with my EX is unbelievable! He has stopped paying child support, alimony, health insurance, car payments, mortgages on everything that he was under a court order to do. Plus, owes 6 months in back support. I signed a motion to show cause, the earliest we could be seen is late October. Meanwhile, car is repossessed, health insurance lapses, house goes into foreclosure and 4 innocent kids are hungry. I have full custody and have for quiet some time. My atty fees are insane because of the loops that he makes everyone jump through. Meanwhile, he is just fine… all of his housing, gas, and food needs are met. He has not followed one rule, yet seems to get by with it every time. Also, is self employeed and hiding any an all money. We still have property to sell in NC, but still on market.
What can be expected? Can the Judge hold him into contempt? What about filing a personal lawsuit?

The judge will hold him in contempt if he is wilfully violating the Order, you may also seek an award of attorney’s fees.

There is no personal lawsuit that can be filed. The family court has jurisdiction over these matters, and you are proceeding correctly.