Contempt of Court

Im a father and have had primary custody of my 2 children for past 2 years. I did not ask for my x to pay child support, the only thing I asked was she pay half of their uninsured medical within 30 days of receiving statements and this is in our court ordered papers which she agreed to. I have bills from over 6 months ago where she has not paid her half. These bills are in my name and they make me look bad even though I have paid my part. Everytime I say something to her she says gives me this sob story how she doesn’t have the money but promises that she will pay them as soon as she does. I don’t know how she doesn’t have the money. She works full time, lives with her parents and nets 400 rental income a month. She can’t pay the bills she agrees to but she can somehow splurge on the kids very expensive clothing and takes them to the movies sometimes twice a week. It’s almost like I have to look after their needs while she gets to look like the fun one. My question is…should I file contempt charges against her and if so what does this involve? I’m really starting to get tired of taking on the full financial responsibility when they are her children too and if she’s not asked to pay child support, the least she can do is pay her half of the dr bills(which really aren’t very much).

If she is in breach of the Order you may file a motion for contempt and set the same for hearing. A judge will then determine if she is in wilful violation of the Order. (which it seems she is based on the facts you list.) She will be ordered to pay her share of the bills if your action is succestful.

Thanks! Is this something we can do without the use of our attorney or would it be best to use him?

If you have an attorney I would suggest you contact them, but you are free to file on your own.