Acts barring property rights


Dear shell64:

Greetings. The Chapter 31A-1 does not apply until the death of one of the parties to the marriage. There is a case on point which states that the spousal exclusion under this act is made at the time of the parties’ death. So, no, his adultery and abandonment do not bar his property rights. He does not lose his rights to the marital property by participating in adultery or leaving. Best of luck.

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Under Chapter 31A. Acts Barring Property Rights

If a spouse admits to having adultery to his lawyer and it was written in documents and sent to my lawyer.He has admitted Adultery.
He walked out, he left. He has been living with the other woman the duration of our separation, in residence he acquired and is paying for. Does this article apply to him as far as him having any rights in the marital residence? Did he not lose his rights when he walked out the door(abandonment)on top of the adultery which he admitted?