Timeout from the relationship

Dear torrero:

Greetings. No, that is not abandonning the marriage and even if you did abandon the marriage that does not give her the right to take everything. So, no and no to questions #1 and #2.

Yes, the house is separate property if purchased solely by you prior to the marriage and you never gifted it back to the marriage by making it jointly titled. However, the equity which you acquired in the house due to mortgage payments made during the marriage may be divisible and marital property which you would have to split with her. Good luck.

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If I tell my wife that I need time away from the relationship to
clear my head, and I tell her I will return in a few days,
and at that time we can talk about things.

Is this considered abandoning the marriage, and does it give her a right to take everything ?

I have also spoken with a different lawyer who has told me that he can get me out of this marriage, and I will keep the house, because
the house was bought by me prior to the marriage, and is still in my name. we have been married less than 3 years.
he said there was some type of form he would file to have her out of
the house. is this true ?

any help will be appreciated