Actually this is a child adoption question


A friend of mine asked me a question and I don’t know the answer so here goes…

Her 10 year old child and fiance have been talking about him adopting the child when they get married. Mind you Mom did not know this conversation was taking place until the last couple of days, here’s their scenerio

  1. Biological Dad died when child was a baby

  2. Mom has kept the Paternal family in Child’s life

  3. Mom is remarrying an ex Marine who is now a firefighter with no criminal history

  4. Child came up with the idea and wants it

  5. Mom is a great mom and no one has anything on her to proove otherwise, she has raised the child alone upwards of 7 years

  6. Can anyone stop the adoption since Biological Dad is deceased? IE; Paternal Family members

  7. Will they need an attorney to accomplish the adoption?

  8. Child wants to know if she can still keep her Biological Dad’s Name and the name of the man that wants to adopt her? Child is 10 yo


The paternal family has no voice in whether or not the child is adopted by the new husband. I would strongly suggest the family hire and attorney to help them with this process. As for the name, I see no reason why the child cannot keep her biological father’s name in addition to the new name.