Address verification for alimony

I hope that someone here can help me with this. My ex- just informed me that I will be receiving a form in the mail from his attorney’s office asking that I verify my current home address and anyone living with me. Alimony was awarded to me in our divorce. Is there such a form in North Carolina with regards to alimony and if so, what is it called so that I can look it up and see what he is talking about for myself.

Thank you in advance for your help!

There is no form in particular that I am aware of. It sounds like your ex’s attorney will be sending you an affidavit to complete which will be akin to a sworn statement with your name and address.

By chance, what is the name of the affidavit and what are the ramifications if I refuse to answer it? It’s not that I’m trying to be difficult, but I just want to know the entire story.

An affidavit is simply a sworn statement that could be related to a multitude of things, there is no specific name for it and you do not have to fill it out absent a judicial order to do so.