Good afternoon,

I was hoping to get a definite answer. I was served with divorce papers/Civil summons. It looks like nothing is being contested. There are no claims of support, alimony, or equitable distribution.Seems fairly cut and dry, Do I even need to respond or show up? I do not live in North Carolina, I live in Illinois and she moved to NC.

If I do not show up the judge will just grant her the divorce and we can go on our merry way correct?

There is no need for you to show up unless you wanted to contest the divorce. Keep in mind that once the divorce judgement is granted your ED and alimony claims will be lost forever if they haven’t been preserved. I know you mentioned that those aren’t at issue in your case, but I just want to make sure you understand that.

I apologize for not being timely but thank you for the time you took. This forum is awesome! It is much appreciated!