Received a Civil Divorce Summons

I received a civil divorce summons last week. I have only 30 days before this has to be answered. There are a lot of forms i have found, but i can’t find a template on a response to a civil divorce summons. Some of the complaints i don’t agree with, also she’s asking for court costs and attorney fee’s which i don’t think i should have to pay all of, though i’d be willing to pay half of attorney fee’s if she’ll settle. The property has already been divided, but we have 2 children. She is asking for child support which is fine, and they want NC to regulate that, which is also fine. How do i reply is there a template that i can follow to answer so that its formed correctly? and it says i have to respond to her, and to file a copy with the courts, how would i go about filing this with the courts in NC i currently am on assignment in LA, thought i live in OK? Any help would be appreciated.

You will need to file draft, file, and serve an answer to her complaint. There is no template for an answer, it needs to address each point in her complaint. If you don’t file the answer timely, then everything in her complaint will be accepted as true by the court. I would hire an attorney to help you file your answer as you are currently out of state.