Affair, finances, and depenency: Any legal justice

I found out my husband had an affair 6 months ago. We have been married over 25+ years. Our last child leaves for college next month. This was a 10+ year affair. He admitted to the affair, after the bitter woman cousin (who I think really was the actual woman) snitched on him and sent me copies of emails and other proof. While technically, I am the dependent spouse, my income is not much less than his income. He pays the mortgage and I pay the utilities. I have a 401K which is about 10K and he doesn’t. We have a second property that has been in foreclosure status for 5 years. I found out about the property being in foreclosure 3 years ago. He is not at all apologetic. I am ready to move forward with my life. I consulted with an attorney and it looks like I am at a loose, loose situation. Is there any legal equitable justice in this situation?

Do you have a specific question related to your separation or your finances? Adultery has no bearing on property, but it can affect an alimony award.