Wife had Affair; I supported thru School

Dear ljohnstonlc:

Greetings. First, alimony and equitable distribution are different issues, and only alimony deals with fault. Since she committed fault and you are the support spouse, no alimony to her. Now, I doubt that you will receive alimony from her with such a short marriage and since you can support yourself.

On to equitable distribution. You may be entitled to slightly more than 50% of the marital property if she spent marital assets on her affair or if she has student loan debt which was accumulated during the marriage. Due to your facts, it would be my opinion that she should take all her student loans. Best of luck.

Janet L. Fritts
Attorney at Law
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My wife had an affair while we were having trouble with our marriage and seeing a therapist. Once confronted about the affair (she admits it), we agreed to continue to work on things. When she didn’t stop seeing him, we split up and I moved out. When tension subsided, I tried to reconcile with her one last time to no avail.

She left the marriage.

During our four year marriage, I supported her through her additional schooling. She has now accepted her first job and is primed to make a significant salary. I also earned about 75% of the household income while she was in school and earned all of the retirement savings.

It’s my understanding that these are all marital assets regardless of the circumstances in which they were obtained during marriage; therefore, these assets are to be split 50/50.

Is there any chance that since she has clearly moved out on me that I could keep more than 50%?

Since I contributed significantly to her schooling and our joint income and prospects of a greater future income, that I could be entitled to alimony?

Or, is 50/50 inevitable?

Thank you.