...after the divorce


Just because you’re divorced, it doesn’t mean your problems are over.

My ex has further borrowed on a home equity loan and we’ve been divorced over 14 months.
He was ordered to refinance that loan and one other in our divorce agreement then. (marital debt)
He never has…
He borrowed it to the max two weeks ago.
Is this legal?

The wording in our decree certainly seems to protect me… Holding me harmless, him assuming all the debt, etc.
ANYONE would think they’re protected at that point.
My question is two fold:
1.) Is what he did legal? That would be like me getting a credit card in his name! Fraud?
2.) What can I do?


Without seeing the paperwork, I can’t answer whether he did something illegal when he obtained the new loan. It does sound like he is in breach of the separation agreement so you may want to consider filing a breach of contract action against him or a motion for contemot if the separation agreement was incorporated into the divorce decree.