What can I do?


I was divorced almost 16 months ago.
The divorce stated ex was to refinance mortgages.
He has made no good faith attempts.
My attorney, whom was paid a lot of money,
still has not filed a contempt motion to order
ex to do so, although he’s been asked to multiple times.
He has told me has many times, but he hasn’t.
I have no money for another attorney.
I’ve asked for return calls for information, but get none.
Never have been informed during the entire 3 yr process.
Ex has borrowed post divorce on a joint equity loan…
but I’m told that’s not illegal…??? It should be.
I’m so tired of all the battles to try to defend
what is right and just. What are my options?


It sounds like you need to file a motion for contempt for his use of the equity line (if the court order says it can’t be used) and for his failure to refinance the property. If you cannot afford an attorney, you can represent yourself. If you are interested in doing it yourself, you can utilize our Rosen Online service. For a monthly fee, we will answer more indepth questions and provide you with forms to assist you with the process. www.rosen.com/diy