Contempt of Court

My ex husband is in contempt of court for not paying and/or trying to refinance three different loans out of my name by 3/21/2010. I have spent well over $4000.00 in attorney fees with no return money in my pocket from him for the loans. I am still having to pay the loans monthly to save my credit. I have just paid out $3600.00 on a yealy loan that he was suppose to pay in the order but refused to. So I am broke.
I cannot afford the contempt process thru my attorney, she stated it would be and additional $1500.00 for her to file contempt motion and to represent me. Is there any way I can file this motion myself? He is represented by an attorney and that attorney loves to get the hearings put off. I know I can file an order to appear along with the contempt. I have all the paperwork from the lenders stating they have contacted him about the payments and that he refused. They also stated they offered him refinancing and he said no to leave the loans as they were. What are my chances against an attorney? Is there something his attorney can say that will get him out of this that I may need my attorney’s expertise to get this process over with or atleast him found in contempt. I know his attorney will claim he cannot afford the payments, and to give him more time. Can I win on my own?

You can file a motion for contempt on your own, it seems as though you have been diligent in collecting the proper evidence to show your ex is in wilful violation of the Order which is all you need to prove.