How to file contempt paperwork

I was awarded attorneys fees in district court September 2008. My ex has never paid them and although the fees are still due I have been told by the attorney who represented me in the case in 2008 that I would need to file a claim against him in small claims court. I am making payments to this attorney on my bill as well but have it almost paid off. I was told by them I would need to continue paying on the bill until it was paid in full, even the amount he was court ordered to pay.

I filed a claim and our case was heard by a Magistrate today. My ex stated he did not deny the claim that he owed the attorney bill but he did not understand why I was taking him to court and not my attorney’s office. I showed the magistrate a letter my the attorney firm stating that I was responsible for the attorney bill and if my ex did not pay I would need to go after him. The magistrate did not render a decision as he said he needed to look up legal law but thought I should have taken him to district court to have this settled. I have no money for another attorney and can not afford to pay his fees. What can or should I do.

You must file a motion in civil district court to have him held in contempt of the Order on Attorney’s Fees.