Age kids can decide where to reside

My issue is as follows. Judge ordered custody. Ex refused to assist with transporting to Dr appts. etc when it is his day. We are 1 week on 1 week off in the summer. is this neglect? I am planning to appeal custody because of his uncooperative nature with these children. Also, they are not allowed to do sports in the summer because their dad refuses to provide transportation for them on his days. At what age can a child refuse to follow a custody order and decide for themselves where to reside? Mine will be 12 in a few months. Do you believe I have a strong argument and case for change in custody?

To assess your case for custody and whether you have a good argument for a change in custody would require a full consultation to discuss all the pertinent facts, but it certainly sounds like there are a lot of issues that need to be addressed, and from the facts as presented, you may have a strong case. When a child gets to decide where he lives or if he visits, is really determined on a case by case basis. Again, something that should be discussed in a consultation.