Child Custody

My 15 year old who I have always had primary custody of has asked to go to live with his father on a temporary basis. I am not willing to agree to this because of his reasoning. He has started 9th grade this year and up till now has been an A/B student. His grades are not D and F because he does not do the work. I feel he is asking to go live with his father because of the heat he is getting from me about this. His relationship with his father over the last year has been very rocky with periods of not seeing or speaking for weeks at a time. This change would also mean a change in schools and also less time with immediate family (half brother, mother, grandparents and aunt and cousins) as there is no family on his fathers side in NC except him and the stepmother, What are my chances of losing custody of this child.

A 15 year old does not have the right to decide where he wants to live. The father would have to file a motion with the court to modify custody, and to be successful, would have to prove there has been a substantial change in circumstances affecting the child since the entry of the last order.