16 year old wants to live with dad


Does a 16 year old son who “wants more freedom” get the choice on which parent he can live with? I have had custody the past 10 years and in the past several months I have had to deal with some alcohol related discipline issues. I felt that we were progressing through problems with the help of our church family and a good son-mom relationship. Son started complaining to dad and dad sent him a one way greyhound ticket against my wishes. My two older sons went in their teens to live with dad and one committed a felony at age 19. The other got a 3 year high school education and got thrown out at age 19 literally in the street due to drugs and irresponsibility. I have paid for the older two to attend college and dad didn’t pay a dime.
I have to retain counsel since dad has been trying to have me served for a change of custody motion.I haven’t been served yet. He didn’t pay child support for 5 years and was a very distant father…didn’t maintain visits, etc, forgot birthdays, A custody battle at almost 17 years old seems like a stupid thing but my other two sons did poorly and I don’t want to lose another son to poor parental involvement. Any thoughts are appreciated.