Alcohol issues, already signed SA


My husband and I separated in Oct. We met with a collaborative divorce attorney and completed a separation agreement that we signed last month. In the last month, it has become apparent to me that he has a drinking problem that he is hiding. He began drinking more before he moved out, and we agreed that whoever is watching our 2.5 year old daughter will not drink while watching her (he sees her for 2 hrs every T/Th night and every other weekend).

He watches her at our marital residence (where my daughter and I still live), and I have found hidden empty beer cans, receipts of a purchase of alcohol (and nothing else) during one of his weekends of watching her, and most recently I found out that he got a DWI last week. I have tried asking him about the alcohol before, and he refuses to admit that he has any sort of problem. He doesn’t know that I know about the DWI.

I don’t know what to do- should I contact an attorney? Is there anything I can even do? I don’t want him driving my daughter if there is a chance that he will drink and drive. I was under the impression that your license is revoked with a DWI, but he appears to be still driving.


I would suggest you meet with your lawyer to explore some options collaboratively as you have done before, perhaps you can amend your agreement to suspend, or implement supervised visitation until he can get the help he needs.