Alcoholic Husband / Custody Concerns

I am currently in the process of pursuing separation from my alcoholic husband. He has left the marital house as of 1 week ago. There is no way that I can feel safe leaving my kids unsupervised with him. He is a pathological liar and just last week he told me that he was moving out of State to live with his parents. Since he is unemployed he can not afford to not have family assistance at this point. The plan was that he was going to seek active treatment for his alcoholism and other mental issues. I just learned yesterday that he lied to me about moving out of state and I am now concerned for my children’s safety. I am worried that he will try to take them from school or something. He does not have a drivers license due to a past history of DUI and just 1 month ago he was involuntarily committed due to threatening / attempting to commit suicide in front of me and the kids while we were at a hotel on vacation. As of right now we have not drawn up any formal separation agreement or custody agreement, but I have told him not to come nowhere near me and the kids. What is my best course of action at this point? Work out a custody agreement where he only has supervised visitation or try to get a domestic violence restraining order.

You cannot obtain a DVPO unless you fear you or the children are in danger of imminent bodily harm. You may want to consider filing for emergency custody to prevent him from absconding with the children.