Alcoholic Wife


Ten years ago, I bought my current residence and moved in with my girlfriend. Two years later, she signed a pre-nup and became my wife. We do not have children.

In the last several years her drinking has become progressively worse. We tried counseling and I tried Al-Anon, but now I am at the point of believing that the only way to save our marriage is if she gets help. So far, she has been unwilling to seek it.

I believe she needs to have her safety net (me) removed to be properly motivated to get help. I do not want to leave my house, which I bought before we were married and have paid every penny on.

What options do I have to get her out and/or get her help? I can’t take this abuse much longer.


You can file a motion for a divorce from bed and board based on habitual drunkenness, and seek her removal from the house as relief. This is essentially a judicially ordered separation, and is not an actual divorce.