Alienation of affection


Dear tomg47:

Greetings. If they were living separate and apart and she informed him of her consent to have the separation become permanent…then they were legally separated. She just needs to get copies of the e-mails she sent. When he came home, did she continue to live with him?

If she was legally separated when you started to date, he does not have a claim for alienation of affection. He may have a claim for criminal conversation, which is strictly about having sex with someone’s spouse, but is generally not that lucrative. Best of luck.

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Dear sirs: I have been seeing a lady that was married. She told me in november of 2003 that she was seperated and that the papers of seperation aggreement had been sent too her husband in Iraq and that he would get them and sign and return . However he didnt we continued too see each other. But he told her that he would sign an agreement when he got back that stated they were seperated from july of that same year.
Anyways he has returned, and is threatening me with a suit of
alienation of affection from him and his spouse.When she and I first met on the internet she told me of times he beat holes in the walls of their home,physiaclly choked her, spite on her,and actually threw her out of the lounge chair as well as call her names like bitch etc…
I felt sorry for her the reason we started talking, then later after she thought they were seperated we started a relationship.She has told me she would getup in court and state that she did not love him at the time when she and I first met and that he physically abused her.
Hes currently, trying too blackmail her into signing everything over too him saying that if she dont he will take a case out on me for alienation of affection. I told her not to sign anything that this is blackmail and it would probably cost him $20,000 or more too start a case like this on me . My question is did I tell her right
or am I facing along uphill battle with this man.