Alienation of Affection


My wife of 21 years confessed to sexual infidelity over the span of several months. We attempted reconciliation, but it didn’t work out.

She wrote a timeline of the affair and sent it to me via email. Is that timeline, and a collection of sexually suggestive texts from her phone, sufficient to pursue an alienation of affection suit?

And if the suit was successful, would money come just from the plaintiff, or would it factor into the separation agreement as well?


Spend some time reading through our article on Infidelity and Alienation of Affection to learn the elements and jurisdictional requirements, and how the law suit works in general.

You would be suing the paramour; money wouldn’t come from the plaintiff (you would be the plaintiff). Any money judgment would be owed by the paramour. I’m not sure what you mean when you ask if it would factor into the separation agreement.