Alienation of affection


Alienation of affection is a civil suit that is filed against the women your husband has been with during your marriage. It is a


i discovered that my husband has had several incidences of infidelity. He also lies about paying household bills which has created a windfall of debt (I am paying all the bills along with covering medical costs for our son) which has stressed me to the point of having migraines as well as an anxiety/depression condition. He has also bounced several checks for the mortgage, daycare, and other things. I recently saw that he has a cell phone bill of $373.00 which he would rather pay than buy tires for his car so that he can pass inspection, which is also overdue by a month. The people whom participated in the acts of infidelity did not deny the actions. There have been at least 10 in the past two years. I am extremely upset and have no desire to live under the same roof as him. In considering all his “problems” he has moved in and out of the house on a number of different occasions, promising he would change his behavior, at least for the sake of our son, but things just seem to get worse. I want to disolve this marriage quickly and I wonder if the alienation of affection could apply to my situation? Afterall, he was the person who committed the acts of infidelity.

Tandy N Robinson Davis