Alienation of Affection?

I live in SC and met a man online that was oversees doing contract work. He resides in NC, the first day we talked his wife saw our messages and is now wanting a divorce. We talked maybe a week before he found another girl on a dating site. His wife is saying she can go after me for Alienation of Affection. Is that possible considering he is overseas and I’m in SC?

Yes, it is possible that the wife could sue you for alienation of affection since the wife and the man you talked to reside in North Carolina. However, in order for her to be successful with an alienation of affection claim, she would have to prove that she and her husband had a happy marriage, their love and affection was alienated and destroyed, and this was caused by your wrongful and malicious acts.

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I read the article on Alienation of Affection but still have some questions. I’m now a resident of NC but am a military spouse who lived in Italy from May 2013 until a few months ago. I have a couple of questions.
Do I have to be divorced from my husband to sue his ex-lover for alienation of affection? My husband agreed to a non-separation agreement so we would not get divorced and we are trying to work with a therapists to repair our marriage but the college professor he had an affair with continued to pursue him until he blocked her on social media.
All of the affair that I know of took place in Germany, Turkey, and Ga. and ended last Dec or this Jan. Since I’m a resident of NC can I still sue?
Thanks for your help.

No, you do not have to be divorced in order to sue someone for alienation of affection.

Yes, you can still sue the other woman since you are a resident of North Carolina.