Alimony Guidelines

I am divorcing after 25 years of marriage. Kids are all grown. One of us makes about twice what the other makes but the lower earner gets medical insurance for the family and receives their personal coverage for free along with 401k and pension benefits.

In this situation, 1) Does the higher earning spouse typically pay alimony and if so, what is the formula and for how long? 2) Does the lower earner’s free medical and pension and 401k benefits (company matches what employee contributes to the 401k and pension) get included as income in the formula?

Lots of factors go into determining whether alimony is appropriate and if so, what the amount should be. Additional benefits to either spouse which reduce their overall need will be taken into consideration. Also, the length of the marriage will be taken into consideration for determining the duration of alimony, but there are no hard rules about how this is applied.