Alimony & household expenses

My spouse & I have been separated for 1 month now. He has a serious alcohol problem. We have been married 3 years. I am disabled from a MVA that happened before I married. At the time of the marriage I would have been able to return to work force in minimal capacity. Spouse wanted me to stay home & he take care of financial obligations. So I did. Now 3 years later. I have had disability hearing but no final result as of yet. Even if Im approved I will only get approx. $800 monthly. He says he isn’t paying any household obligations. The electric is about to be turned off, the water also. He isn’t paying the rent, due 4 days ago. Im afraid of being evicted. I have absolutely no financials to fall back on. I will address that in another posting. He left behind quite a few animals that I have no food for & have been unable to sell, with exception of one & i used that money to buy food for the others. But its almost gone now. My phone has been turned off. He isn’t doing anything to help me at all. i received Separation & Property Agreement last week from his attorney. I have no funds for an attorney & hope I can in the end be awarded for him to pay for my legal fees. A few months before we married I received a lump sum settlement from the accident. After the marriage I loaned him $20,000.00 for use in his auto paint/body business with a non-written agreement as to its return. Agreement was that for the USE of these funds he would give to me $1,500 monthly to handle my own financial obligations of my household. The money was to be returned to me in lump sum at the end of 3 years when we left for Jordan, his home country & where we would retire. He did not move into my home right away. It was 4 months later. I always thought it was because he is Moslem & had a hard time moving into my home, as a Man. I soon found out it was because of the excessive drinking. He would go there to pass out because I didn’t want to be around him then. I had to go & search for him because I didn’t know where he was or if he was alright. He was having chest pains for a while & would not go to see a physician. Anyway, he made these payments 3 times. Then moved into my home. The payments stopped. He said he was making the household payments & wouldn’t make the payments to me anymore. Of course there was an arguement, but I lost. He agreed that I would still receive the lump sum payment when we left for Jordan. We would be selling the investment property we planned to invest in & he would be selling his current business. I know this is a long story, as most are.but I need some real advice please.
Obviously I am not going to Jordan & there is no paperwork. He says he isn’t repaying me because his business went down the drain.
Am I eligible for alimony/support payments?
Can I get the money I loaned him back?

You may very well be entitled to alimony, depending on what he makes. Unfortunately the loan will not be recognized as a debt that he owes you, but it can be used to argue you should receive more of what is left of the martial property.