Household Expenses

Ive just been informed that the absent spouse has not paid the rental on the property we have lived in for 1 1/2 years now. We have been separated little over a month. The water has been turned off. On Monday, the utilities are scheduled to be turned off. He told me he will do what ever he has to do to force me out of this house because he cant afford to pay the bills here if i wont let him live here. He is an alcoholic & I can’t keep trying after 3 separations because of it & his actions when he is drinking. The marraige is over. I amdisabled & have been completely dependent upon him taking care of us during our short 3 year marriage. I was injured in a MVA in 2005. I am afraid I am now going to be evicted from my home. Ive thought about finding a roommate but he then says he wont pay anything if I move someone else in. I am at a loss. Is there anything that can be done legally to make him pay the household expenses? I am in college for the next 18 months. It may take that long to be able to take care of myself again. He has spent every penny that i brought into the marriage from a settlement I received just before we married. We have 2 real estate properties purchased during the marriage, both titled in both names. He will not allow me access to one of them stating he has things in there he doesnt wont anything to happen to. I too, have property inside the building. A $15,000.00 commercial oven that was to be used in a bakery I was trying to open. Can he keep me out. If not, how can I gain access legally?

You may take him to court and seek and order of post separation support to help pay the bills.

Unless he is living at the other property, you may enter and take your oven.