Need help again

Anyone know anything about this.
I could use some help until I get to an attorney.

First of all, if he stops paying the utilities that may amount to abandonment especially if he is not paying you any form of support.

You cannot take any action against his mther except maybe call her as a witness, I believe, but may be wrong in this.

I don’t see why you can’t change the utilities without going through him. Call the utility companies and just have them change it - you can even tell them that you have separated and he no longer lives there - they do not want to get caught up in a domestic they just want their money!! If he is not paying you any child support, spend the time and money to go through child support enforcement and get yourself an attorney to apply for post-separation support. Keep any and all documentation, you’ll need it!

good luck!

No he is not helping us as I stated in a earlier post he really left us to starve.
The child is mine that I adopted from birth.
But the way he is going about this is so mean.
The power company here stated to me my name had to be on the deed and it is not.
I don’t want to take the farm, just wanted what is fair.
I was not asking for alimony or much of anything but some household items that were bought during the marriage and be allowed to live here until I could n do better.
But when he turn vicious was when I told him no one could move here until our divorce except a blood relative.
I knew he is planing to moveing her in our home.
I am losing every thing.
I thought that was only fair.
I am going to seek and attorney and pray so hard their is just a wee bit of justice for us.
But what makes me sad he is doing this and my child is so sweet and did not deserve to suffer because of this cold man.

Dear Gia26:

Greetings. No, it is unlikely that you can sue your mother for allowing her son and his girlfriend to live with her. Instead, you would sue the girlfriend for alienation of affection and criminal conversation.

Yes, he can cut off things whether you sign or don’t sign. I would suggest that you file a claim for child support and a claim for post separation support and alimony and immediately set a hearing for the same. Thank you.

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Just adding this to my other posts.
I found out my husband is living with his girlfriend at his mothers of all places.
Some mother in law huh?
Hey can I get her for this also?
Letting them living their together when he is legally married to me.

He has had a legal separation agreement written at a attorneys and mailed here.
It is giving me next to nothing but he stated if I do not sign it he will have our power and other things cut off.
I have a child here and very limited income for now.
The water phone and electric he still pays until when ever.
I want them in my name and have requested he let me do this but he refuses.
They are still in his name.
Can he cut off things because I refused to sign the papers?