During separation period

Good afternoon. My wife and I are separated and I moved out. The lease and utilities are in both our names. Since I no longer live at the marital home, I would like my name removed from the lease and utilities. What’s the best way to accomplish this? Also, my wife’s lawyer has sent me a notice regarding child support. My wife will be going back to work soon. However, she will not tell me when she will be working again nor will she inform me of her salary in order to make adjustments to child support. Who should I notify of my wife’s work status in order for adjustments to be made to child support?

Thank you very much for your time

You need to let your wife know she must transfer the utilities into her own name. I would suggest giving her a deadline, on which you will contact the utility companies and shut down the accounts in your name. As for the lease, that is between you and the landlord. The landlord may agree to release you from liability on the lease, but does not have to.

With respect to child support, I would suggest that you agree to pay the amount calculated without your Wife’s salary on a temporary basis only. Then when your Wife begins working you may schedule a hearing to have ongoing child support determined with the proper figures.

My wife has also (somehow) stolen money out of my personal bank account. Who should I contact concerning this?

Thank you for your time

File an action for Equitable Distribution, and change your account information.