If I move out


Our mortgage is in my name only. If I move out, is there anything that says I must continue paying the utilites and services? The electricity and phone/internet are actually in her name but my income has been paying the bills. Satellite TV is in my name and I’m guessing I could simply have it disconnected. I’ll need to continue the mortgage for credit reasons. I’m just concerned about obligations on the utilities.



If you are continuing to pay the mortgage, then I do not believe you have any obligation to utilities/cable/etc. Especially if they’re in her name. You paying the mortgage shows that you are supporting her (ie: not ‘abandoning her’). She could sue you for post separation support (if she qualifies) and the court COULD say you pay her more money. She can also sue for child support if that’s applicable.


There is nothing that requires you to continue to pay for the utilities, though I would recommend you give your spouse some warning as to when you will stop making the payments to avoid any unnecessary problems. If your spouse has a claim for alimony and post separation support disconnecting the utilities may not play out well for you in future court hearings if she has no income of her own, if she is able to afford utilizes I suggest you give her a date certain on which they will be shut off and give her the opportunity to have them turned on in her own name.