Mortgage Responsibilty

My wife moved out and is now trying to claim that she is no longer responsible for paying her share of the mortgage and equity line. I cannot afford to carry the mortgage on my own and saving are starting to run out. Is she right that she has no obligation to the mortgage now that she has left?? What can I do to protect against her actions affecting my credit rating?? (Note: there is no formal separation agreement in place; we were working on one when she make this proclimation on no payment).

Is she listed on the mortgage? The equity line? If so, her moving out doesn’t absolve her of paying them in the sense that if the home were to go into foreclosure, it would be very detrimental to her credit as well. She would also be still liable for things like deficiency judgments in the event of foreclosure. So, it would be in her interest to make sure those things are being paid until she is no longer on the notes.