My husband said he wanted a divorce. I asked him to try counseling. He agreed. Two weeks later, while I was out of town on business, he moved out.

I make a little bit more, but he paid the bills. He moved out at the end of the month and had not paid any bills.

I’ve been paying the mortgage and equity line since he moved out. That comes to 64% of my income. The equity line was irresponsibly handled and was used basically as a credit card secured by the home. Withdraws on the equity line were not used to improve the home.

I have tried to re-finance the house but I do not make enough on my own. I’ve tried to put the house on the market, but it is need of serious repair and the three real estate agents I have spoken to valued the home in “as in” condition and they wanted to put the house on the market for significantly less than what is owed. They cited the condition of the home and market.

What are my options and what is my husband’s responsibilty to the mortgage and equilty line?

He rented himself an affordable apartment and hasnt paid a dime towards the home or equity line. If I moved out and got myself an affordable apartment as he did and didn’t pay a dime towards the mortgage and equity line the house would go into foreclosure.

I do not know what to do and I’m going broke. All my savings and 401K are gone trying to stay afloat. I have worked hard over the years to mantain an excellent credit rating but I can not keep this up much longer.

It’s difficult to give an answer without having a comprehensive knowledge of all the assets and support obligations. It sounds like you need a consultation to discuss all aspects of the property division and support requirements so that an attorney can advise you of your options on how to proceed.