Alimony and utilitys


My mother-in-law has seperated from her husband of 19 years. She has been a stay at home wife for 5 years now. She is 61, can not drive, and has no income. He paid all the bills.
When they agree that he would move out he promised to continue to pay all of her bills. He moved out 2 months ago and is now giving her a hard time about paying anything. She filed for foodstamps and they will start at the end of the month. But that is the only help the Gov. will give her. My husband and I have been buying her food and other items like toilet paper.
We can’t afford to continue to pay for her to live and our own bills.
He also has been harassing her everytime he stops by for no reason and without being invited.
Should she file for some kind of financial support now and will filing a legal seperation stop him from coming to her home?
And since the Utilies are in his name can he have them turned off? She doesn’t have the money for a deposit to have anything turned on in her name. --Electric, phone, etc…


She should file an action for Equitable Distribution of property and for Alimony, Post Separation Support, and Attorney’s Fees immediately. He can have the utilities turned off, unless ordered not to by the court.