Non Payment of Home Expenses


I had posted a message on 3/22 and as I first mentioned, my daughter has moved out of the home that she and her husband shared due to domestic violence. All of the monthly expenses, such as water, telephone, electricity and cable are in her name. Even though he is living in the house and she elsewhere, her husband refuses to pay for any of the expenses including their mortgage. I had suggested to my daughter to advise her husband that in 30 days she would have the the utilities disconnected and he would have to reconnect service in his name. She is concerned how this would look if and when she goes to court. What recourse does she have?


Unless he makes significantly less than she does, she should go ahead give him date(s) in writing (email or certified mail w/ return receipt) that the utilities will be cut off. It will simply be seen by the courts as establishing a separate residence.

If he does make significantly less, I would still say that the above is true, but there may be some caveats where ‘abandonment’ comes into play.


If your son in law has an income and can afford to pay these bills I would say your suggestion is entirely appropriate.