Alimony Payments

I’m wondering if someone can tell me about what I should be getting in alimony payments from my soon to be ex. We have been married for 15 years & have 2 kids. 14 years ago, I left my job to move away for him to take the job he still currently has. I’ve worked off and on, but have mostly been a stay at home mom. I’m also currently taking classes to get my associates degree and will be graduating next month. He will be paying $1400 a month in child support. His gross annual income is approximately $95,000. I do plan on looking for a full time job once I get my degree, but I am worried about how long it will take me to be making decent money to support myself & the kids.

You should look at our [url=]alimony calculator[url] for an estimate of what you may expect to receive for an alimony award. North Carolina does not promulgate alimony guidelines, and in reality, an alimony obligation is more complicated than a simple analysis of income. The judge will also look at overall needs and ability to pay.