Alimony Time Period

I’m negotiating alimony with my wife’s attorney and they want me to pay $20k up front and $800.00 per month until my son’s child support ends in two years but then the alimony doubles to $1,600.00 until she remarries, or one of us die. I really don’t think that will serve me well in retirement if I ever retire now. I’m 56, broke and wondering how to get them to accept a shorter time period. I’m at fault for a few things and so is she but I really don’t want to go through the hearing. Should I threaten financial crash and burn? To pay alimony the rest of my life seems a bit over board.

Alimony in North Carolina is completely discretionary; there are no guidelines or worksheets that determine the amount or duration of alimony. That being said, lifetime alimony is generally reserved for rather long term marriages. The unofficial rule of thumb regarding the duration of alimony, is that it should last for half the years of marriage.

Also be careful that you aren’t violating the child contingency rule set forth by the IRS, which sates, which can be invoked if there is a reduction in support related to the children. It looks like in your case there is an increase in support, but I just wanted to make sure you gave it consideration.