My husband and I separated back in March, 2008. I have not filed for legal separation but am preparing my own work due to financial costs. I found out during our separation period that he had at least 3 affairs during our marriage. He had two affairs with 16 year old girls. He is currently living with one of the teenagers and has gotten her pregnant.

My husband and I have always depended on each other’s income and have lived in the same house for 21 years. We have 3 children of which 2 are at home. He has always made more money than me, until 2008. His last job paid him $52,000/year but was layed off in October 2008, and he is drawing unemployment of $489/week. I am currently making $48,000/year. He is giving me $220/week for the children. However, I am struggling financially and he is really not trying to find a job. Do you think I am entitled to any alimony? Please advise.


Given the small disparity in your income during the marriage, and the fact that he is unemployed I do not see that you have a successful alimony claim.