Alimony / Child Support - Unemployed


I was working up until 6 weeks ago when my spouse asked me to return from my assignment and quit my job. She told me that my being away from the family was hurting the children and the marriage.

I returned home and am now unemployed at her request…and have not found a new position.

She has now told me she wants a divorce and wants to initiate separation…and expects that I will pay alimony and child support.

With no income and job job (at her request), how will child support and alimony be calculated. There is no way I will secure a new position earning what I earned in my prior company…and in the current market it is likely I will not find a position for 6-8 months.


If you are involuntarily unemployed you do not have the ability to pay alimony, and your income should be set at 0 for purposes of child support.


Would my spuses written request that I quit my job make my situation “involuntary”?


It will certainly goes towards proving that you did not reduce your income in bad faith.