Alimthony support


My wife and i were recently divorced. We are now in court to settle alimony, child and PSS.
While we were married my wife received about $200,000 when her father died, from his estate,
She also received $110,000 from the sale of his house.
She works part time and I work full time.
Can her assets be used to offset the alimony I must pay her?
I’m paying alimony, Child Support and the judge is discussing PSS.
We are still in court with these issues.
Any advice or experience in this matter?


My understanding is that inheritance money is all yours, meaning it is not considered part of the marriage and wouldn’t be included in the judgement. However, I know also that they look at one spouse’s overall need and the other spouse’s ability to pay. I don’t know if having all that money to rely on would go against any financial need she would claim or not. You may want to pose this to Erin on the attorney forum.