Alimony and ability to pay


Question for you - would the fact that 87% of my income is taken up in mortgage, childcare and recurring bills like power and phone be enough to refute an alimony claim based on my ability to pay? The remaining 30% is spent on food, gas, children’s activities, etc with little to no disposable income at the end of the month.



If you can demonstrate verifiable reasonable expenses that leave you without the ability to pay there could be a finding that you are the supporting spouse, yet no award issued based on the inability to pay.


Doesn’t matter. I just went through the same thing. This system is flawed. Of all the research I have done, I have not seen one happy ending story. I am paying almost 2000 a month between CS and PSS leaving me with 1200 a month for Rent, car bills and food. It’s not fair. They will tell you to get a second or third job. I hope it works out for you.