Alternating Holiday

My ex and I have an alternating Thanksgiving Holiday schedule with an alternating weekend schedule throughout the year. In his visitation papers, the hours for Thanksgiving weekend are pre-set, as I have sole legal and physical custody. The hours set are Wednesday, the day before Thanksgiving at 6 through the Sunday following at 6pm. It clearly states that Thanksgiving is to be alternated each year. This year, Thanksgiving was ordered to be my year. As the Friday after Thanksgiving fell on his weekend, it is my assumption that the holiday supercedes the weekend schedule. My ex is arguing that the time set in the visitation agreement only applies to him on his years and that he should still have visitation with her on the Friday after Thanksgiving. My argument is that the hours set for the holiday apply to whomever has visitation that year. Can you help clarify so that we can have a clear picture? Thank you

Usually, the holiday provisions override the regular schedule, but I like the order to state this to be completely clear. You should look to what has been done in the past for all holidays and use that as a basis for how the parties treat holidays. I would also consider modifying the order so there is no confusion in the future.