School Holidays and Vacations Schedules


Does anyone have any advice as to how to split holidays and time off from school between both parents so it’s fair. I have mediation this coming up week and I’m struggling with how to present shared time so it is fair.


In my order/agreement Thanksgiving is every other year. Christmas Day is divided in half. Mother’s Day is spent with the Mother and Father’s Day with the Father. The child’s birthday is also divided in half. Other than that, there are no provisions. Over time, these things change. In fact, I have often agreed that Thanksgiving can be divided in half. Much depends on proximity and whatever you can agree to. Whatever is in writing can change at any time as long as you both agree. So, get some things down that you think you can live with, but if you have a working relationship, it could be different down the road. Just because it’s in writing, it doesn’t mean that is the way it has to be or the way it will pan out. Good luck.


we alternate holidays each year. e.g. this year she has Thanksgiving and we have Christmas Eve and Christmas a.m. She picks him up after 1pm on Christmas Day. Father’s day w/ Father and we always offer her mother’s day - though she doesn’t often want it. Birthday we just celebrate when we see him. We don’t make a big deal of any other holidays.