Holidays / Breaks

Question 1: In NC how are holidays and school breaks typically split by a judge? Is it alternate years switched? Fine with that.

Question 2: what about ‘long’ holidays combined with school breaks? For example Thanksgiving and Christmas Breaks are long.

  • If parent A gets all of TB does Parent B get the first half of CB from school letting out to 2pm Christmas Day.
  • If parent A gets the second half of CB is it through kids going back to school, and does that “break” decision override dinners/alternate weekends?

This seems logical but what I want to know is how is it done by Judge in NC, I want to know what is enforceable, and how it must be worded to avoid the other parent being able to change things later on.

I’ve done research and see that there are options for how a Judge/Parent can split major holidays within the school breaks but I am looking for black and white, clean cut. First half through Christmas Day. Second half until back to school.

Thanksgiving appears to be the ‘gray’ area and how getting that holiday 100% of the time, does / does NOT affect the Christmas Holiday/Break.

Thank you.

There is no “typical” way of splitting breaks and holidays. This varies from case to case based on the evidence presented. For example, Thanksgiving can be split giving parents alternating years, splitting the break in half on Thanksgiving day or the day after, or simply splitting the holiday with the regular schedule on all the surrounding days. It really depends on the location of the parties, traditions of the family, and plans for travel.