Holiday Schedule

My husband and I are running into a problem with the holiday visitation. Every yr for the past 8 yrs, we have gone to NJ for Christmas since both our families are there (except for his mom) and we always stay at least 1 week. We are in the process of separating and one problem we are coming up with is he is saying I will not be allowed to take our children to NJ for the holidays like we have done. Is there anything that states, since we have been doing this since we moved down to NC, this will not have to change right away…?

Also if it is something we can rotate on and when he has them, can I require him to take that week off and not stick the kids with his Mom for that time or I get to have them?

There is nothing in the law that will prevent you from travelling with your children for the holidays.

As for his time with the children, you cannot force him to take off work, but can require him to make alternative arrangements if his mother is not fit to provide care.