Ex not working with me. what to do?


I had my son for a week (12/17 through 12/24) before Christmas. I agreed to drive my son back 12/ 24 to NJ to meet her at a neutral location. My ex still has some family here in the Charlotte area, she asked me if I would let them see our son. I wasn’t thrilled about giving up MY limited time with my son, but thought if I showed I was working with her it would help me in an upcoming visitation case. I was having a great time with my son during the visit, then her sister came over to pick up my son for what I thought was a few hours. A few hours turned into never getting my son back and he was sent home early on an airplane. He is only 8 and has never flown before. I only found out because my ex told me to take his suitcase to the airport and give it to my ex sister in law. I said then I didn’t agree and I would drive him up there at the weeks end, she said no, he is coming home early and theres nothing you can do about it. There wasn’t, I asked Mecklenburg police and they didn’t want to get involved. Since my ex and her sister did all this behind my back what will happen in court? We are suppose to go to court in March to establish visitation, currently there is nothing in place other than what she and I agree to do. I have not seen my son since last Christmas and this Christmas only got 4 days out of the week she and I agreed to. I know since we have nothing court ordered she won’t be in violation for that; won’t it make her look bad and not willing to work visitation out with me? I don’t have a lawyer, I am doing all this on my own. Any help / advice is greatly appreciated!


I believe that your ex’s actions should be brought up in court, and the facts you present lead me to believe it will put her in a bad light. There was no reason at all for your visit to be cut short, and the manner in which it was done and how your child was sent home seem to be clearly against his best interests.