Issues with Ex and my mother

I’m hoping that someoe can assist me with this. My ex had my mother arrested saying that she was trespassing on his girlfriends property on Christmas Day when we were told to come there to pick up the kids. It’s basically an outright lie and he never emailed me to change the pick up location and never told myself or my mother that we were not allowed on the property. His girlfriend never said anything to us either until Christmas Day and my mother and I left right after they told her to get off. Now the issue is my mother is supposed to bring the boys to him on Tuesday at 4 p.m. which is per my Custody papers. With all of this going on my mother of course is afraid of him for having her falsly arrested and refuses to take the boys to him. I current have a no contact order which expires in February so he is not to have contact with me except for email. I’m sorry not being cruel and I love my boys and do want them to have a relationship with their father but I will not bring them to him. What alternatives do I have? His girlfriend can pick up the boys but she was also screaming at my mother that day. The reason all of this occured is because he outright refused to put my youngest son on the phone Christmas Day after telling me that he was sick and I had the sheriff go to the home to make sure that my child was okay. Please note that my youngest son had open heart surgery at 4 days old so I do tend to worry about him when ill. If someone can please assist me with this I would highly appreciate it!!!

You need to attempt to follow the child custody or you may be held in contempt for withholding your son from visitation. If you can communicate via email, you should suggest a different exchange place/person or confirm that your mother will be there pursuant to the order and confirm that he won’t have her arrested again.