Out Of State Summer Visitation - Teenager

Originally married and divorced in NC. After several battles with my ex we finally had a visitation schedule put in place when the children were small. They are now 20 and 16 and I live in FL he is still in NC. My daughter graduated and left to go to college after high school. My son after becoming a only child when his sister left decided to move with dad since there were other children (half sister and brother) at his dad’s house.

We’ve always switched major holidays and split summer breaks in half. This year is no different, summer break is coming up and I’m making plans for my son to visit. We’ve planned a family reunion, with my children’s uncles, aunts, cousins, and grandparents coming down from all over the U.S. towards the end of July. Kids are excited about spending time with everyone. However, I was just informed by their Dad that since I’ve had my son the last two 4th of July holidays its his turn this year and my son will not be coming down in July. According to him I would have to take my son for the first part of summer break (May-June) instead. Tried speaking to him and explaining to him that my son is excited about coming down to spend time with the whole family and it would be nice if he could be there. Offered that my ex take my son the first part of summer and I will arrange my son’s travel for the day after the 4th of July that way he could spend the holiday with our son and I’m even losing a week of my summer break but am willing to do so for him to spend time with the family.

Was told by my ex no is no take him May-June and send his travel documents ASAP or he will take it as a forfeiture of my summer break visitation rights. My son still wants to come down but Dad is making his life impossible about this. I feel like I’m trying to be flexible but to no avail. Not sure where to go from here or what to do.

He’s even threatened to take me to child support court if I push the subject. I already pay for my daughters health insurance and associated medical expenses, both of their round trip travel expenses when they come to visit, school clothing, daughters classes, etc…

I’ve also never complained when my son started working PT (not working anymore) and couldn’t come visit during spring break or Labor Day breaks. I understand he’s a teen and wants to do teen things. Again, just feeling like I’m being and have been flexible but it obviously means nothing to his dad. Not sure if what he’s doing is legal or if there’s anything I can do legally so that my son can come spend time with the family.

Any information would be greatly appreciated.